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Arun Direct-On-Line Motor starters are available in a standard size. The starters provide ample space for wiring. Overload relays are mounted on the contactor which further results in increased availability of space. They have been time tested and a proven product for agricultural applications. It consists of the following

  1. Mild Steel built sheet steel enclosure
  2. Contactor
  3. Relay
  4. On/Off Push Button.
DOL Motor starter performs these functions
  1. Starts and stops a motor.
  2. Protects the motor against overload, single phasing and unbalanced voltages.

  1. Direct-On-Line Mini Motor Starter
  2. Direct-On-Line Motor Starter
  3. Automatic Star Delta Starter
  1. Spacious terminal size and hence increased availability of space
  2. Highly sensitive overload relay.
  3. Operating temperature between -5C to 55C.
  4. Deep drawn sheet steel enclosure
  5. Heavy duty contactors and relay to give complete protection to the motor from single phasing and overload.
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