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Arun relay provides complete protection to three phase motors against overloads, single phasing and unbalanced voltages all with the highest standards. The relay is temperature compensated and is equipped with manual resetting.

  1. AK-1
  2. AK-1 H.D
  3. ACH 4 P
  4. ACH 2 P
  5. AL-1
  6. AL-1.5
  7. AL-2
  8. AL-3
  9. AL-4
  10. AS-1 4 P
  11. AS-1 2 P
  12. AS-2
  13. AN-2
  14. ArGEM
  1. Overload protection
  2. Prevents Single Phasing
  3. Through its sensitive differential mechanism, the relay trips on 0.9 times of current setting and thereby protects against single phasing.
  4. Ambient temperature compensated -5c to 55c.
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